Alan Partridge's This Time Has Totally Ruined The One Show For Everyone

Viewers claimed he'd "nailed the absurdity" of the nightly BBC show.

Alan Partridge fans are obviously delighted to have him back on with his new series This Time, but their excitement has come at a cost.

And that price is never being able to watch The One Show in the same way ever again.

Viewers picked up on how Alan’s fictional magazine show, also called This Time, took the piss out of the BBC’s nightly series, which is fronted by Matt Baker and Alex Jones.

Alan Partridge was back with his new show This Time, which poked fun at The One Show
Alan Partridge was back with his new show This Time, which poked fun at The One Show

The One Show is famed for its eclectic mix of items, and how it can wildly change tone from one link to the next, which has often been a source of amusement for its celebrity guests.

But seeing that framed through the eyes of Alan Partridge only served to highlight just how ridiculous it really is...

Alan Partridge creator Steve Coogan preceded his new series by sending a priceless email to his “colleagues” at the BBC.

In the mail, crafted completely in character, Alan urged them to watch his new show while also managing to insult “know-nothing” BBC employees in true Partridge style.

This Time is the character’s first full BBC series since the second run of I’m Alan Partridge in 2002.

The fictional broadcaster was last seen on screen in 2016 for a one-off Sky Atlantic special, entitled Scissored Isle, following the network’s Mid Morning Matters series.

This Time With Alan Partridge continues next Monday at 9.30pm on BBC One.

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