Coldplay And Alan Partridge At Wembley Is The Guest Appearance Nobody Saw Coming

"Feel like I'm having a fever dream."

Coldplay have been joined by a whole host of guests on their current Music Of The Spheres world tour, including Kylie Minogue, Craig David and Natalie Imbruglia. But the band’s penultimate gig at Wembley Stadium featured a surprise guest that was slightly more leftfield.

Enter stage left Alan Partridge.

Steve Coogan’s comedy character rocked up to lend his vocal errrm, talents to Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill, much to the delight slash bemusement of the thousands of fans packing out the stadium.

Alan, who was wearing a red Snow Patrol jacket (amazing), also treated everyone to a rendition of ABBA’s Knowing Me, Knowing You, obviously.

Addressing the stadium crowd, Alan said: “Running up hills, up roads – it’s all cardiovascular. Not sure about running up buildings, unless you’re Spider-Man – excellent humour!

“Chris, what do you think the song’s about, because it can’t just be about running?” he asked.

The Coldplay frontman replied it was about overcoming problems, to which Alan said: “It’s a metaphor, got it.”

He ended his Wembley performance shouting: “Make sure you wear the correct footwear, goodnight and aha!”

Alan has often referenced both Kate Bush and ABBA, and even performed a medley of the singer’s hits in character for Comic Relief in 1999.

Knowing Me, Knowing You was the title of an Alan Partridge comedy series on the BBC, which included several ABBA songs.

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