Horse Meat Found In Ikea Meatballs

Authorities in the Czech Republic have found horse meat in Ikea meatballs, the company has confirmed.

The Swedish furniture giant said it took the results "seriously" and was carrying out its own tests.

The batch has been withdrawn from sale.

It comes as European Ministers meet in Brussels to discuss the fallout from the growing scandal, which has drawn in police forces from across the continent.

Investigators believe horse meat has deliberately been added to the food chain. In the UK, dishes to have been taken from the shelves include Findus lasagne and some Tesco beefburgers.

In a statement on Monday afternoon, Ikea said: "IKEA takes the test result from the Czech Republic authorities showing indications of traces of horse meat seriously.

"The concerned production batch of meatballs has been withdrawn from the Swedish Food Market in the IKEA stores."

The company had already tested 12 samples of its meat products - which showed no traces of horse meat, it said.

Ikea added: "To validate the test results, we are now initiating further tests on the same production batch in which the Czech Republic authorities found indications of horsemeat.

"We are expecting test results in the coming days and will then be able to give more information."

An urgent "sales stop" has been issued in concerned countries included Britain.

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