Rave Kestrel: British Tech Artist David Cranmer Invents Home Disco Bird Machine (VIDEO)

'Kestrel For A Rave': Disco Box Made From A Kestrel

A British inventor has unveiled a home disco machine built using a real Kestrel.

David Cranmer's Rave Kestrel is built from an open-source Arduino computer board, which is used to make a taxidermic bird dance in time to a sequence of dance music.

He said the device has two names - 'Kestrel For A Rave' and 'A Kestrel Manoeuvres in the Dark'.

"I had started putting some of the electronics together at the beginning of the project when I heard Modeselektor's track "Kill Bill Vol 4". The track seemed to be perfectly divided into sections that could correspond to the dance moves of a kestrel. I imagine this was what Gernot and Sebastian had in mind when they composed the track."

Cranmer is the mind behind several other unique art-tech inventions, including the Badgermin - a theremin made from a badger.

He performs with his remarkable mechanical menagerie under the name The Nervous Squirrel.

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