28/02/2013 06:45 GMT

Kerry Katona Sex Toys Uncovered By Keith Lemon On 'Through The Keyhole'

We don't know about you, but if we had Keith Lemon coming round our gaff with a film crew in tow then we'd make sure that (a) the place was spotless and (b) anything potentially embarrassing was well and truly hidden, preferably under lock and key.

But try telling Kerry Katona that.

Keith and Kerry

The reality star was left red-faced after throwing open the doors of her Surry pad to the 'Celebrity Juice' star as he filmed a revamp of 'Through The Keyhole' when he uncovered a drawer of sex toys.

Oh dear.

And Keith - who replaces Lloyd Grossman on the show - then proceeded to show Kerry's stash to camera. Cue much chortling from the audience.

One audience member told The Sun: “At one point Keith pulls open a drawer and inside is a big sex toy and other kinky paraphernalia.

“He makes a big meal out of it and the audience just fell to pieces laughing. None of the panel could keep a straight face.”

Kerry's latest cringe moment comes in the same week she suffered a nip slip on stage during Atomic Kitten's Big Reunion comeback gig.


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