01/03/2013 04:44 GMT | Updated 01/03/2013 09:05 GMT

BEAT THE WEEK:Oscars, Outrage And Eastleigh In Huff Post UK's News Quiz

There's been glamour and red carpet victories this week, with the teary-eyed triumph of the Oscar awards, as we saw Adele in her first live performance for a year and Anne Hathaway's 'chilly' dress.

Scandal has dominated headlines too, with the Lib Dems battling to contain public outrage over allegations made against Lord Rennard.

Nick Clegg hasn't wobbled his way out of the firing line yet, but the Deputy Prime Minister is bound to be sighing with relief, after the Lib Dems held onto Chris Huhne's old constituency of Eastleigh, despite considerable voter fatigue.

One of the happy voters of Eastleigh

There's been some silly stories this week too, like the Chinese woman who wore a fake pregnancy bump to get a seat on the crowded train. Great/ridiculous idea perhaps, until the whole thing falls off. Oops.

The brand of the stomach is not known, but the model above is available for £67

And then what the HELL was the bloated hairless beast that washed up on the shores of Pembrokeshire? It was almost as scary as this bloody fanged sea lamprey, which sent a shiver of fear down the spines of swimmers.

My eyes...

There was plenty of other news too, so see if you were paying attention, and try your hand at Huff Post UK's news quiz. Can you BEAT THE WEEK? Leave your score in the comments below. 100% and we'll give you a shout out on Twitter!