03/03/2013 07:49 GMT | Updated 03/03/2013 18:04 GMT

'Keep Calm And Rape A Lot' Offensive T-Shirt Company, Solid Gold Bomb Apologises

A vendor selling t-shirts with logos such as "KEEP CALM AND RAPE A LOT" on Amazon has been forced to apologise after being bombarded with complaints.

The internet retailer eventually withdrew the stock from American clothing company, Solid Gold Bomb, as both companies faced demands on Saturday to stop selling the offensive garments.

Other slogans available before the t-shirts were withdrawn included "KEEP CALM AND HIT HER" and "KEEP CALM AND KNIFE HER".

The t-shirts appeared on Amazon on Friday

An apology from Michael Fowler, Solid Gold Bomb founder, on the garment maker's website blamed an "automated process that created the matched slogans".

It added: "As the party responsible within our company for scripting and creating this automated process... I apologise for the offensive response this has created across the world.

"No words can express how I feel about what has occured and in no way do I condone or promote this serious issue.

"I will offer a more in depth explanation of cause to explain what and how this occured. Both myself and our company and it's associated Solid Gold Bomb brand have never had any intention of the spread of violent slogans or even poor taste humour t-shirts.

"This was a computer error of my creation and I accept my responsibility in the matter."

In an interview with the Independent on Saturday, deputy Labour leader, Harriet Harman, insisted the company should give all profits to a women's refuge for the "absolutely outrageous" designs.

She added: "Domestic violence and sex offences are not something people should make money out of."