03/03/2013 12:22 GMT | Updated 03/03/2013 12:24 GMT

Mel C, Former Spice Girl, Wins Tesco Celebrity Mum Of The Year

Former Spice Girl Mel C collected the Tesco Celebrity Mum of the Year award on Sunday.

The singer said she was "really chuffed" with the prize, but admitted she does enjoy spending time away from her daughter.

"Going to work sometimes is like a little bit of a break.

mel c

Mel C admitted bringing up children was tiring

"Nothing is as hard as entertaining children all day long and taking care of them," she said.

However, the 39-year-old mother of one, who will travel to Australia later this year to perform in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar, said balancing a career with being a mother does create issues.

"It brings a whole new set of problems with the jigsaw puzzle of childcare and the guilt you feel from being away.

"So that's interesting and it's something you're constantly working on, getting the balance right."

The star, who gave birth to Scarlet four years ago, was one of seven women who picked up an award.

Margaret Aspinall, who leads the Hillsborough Family Support Group, was the Campaigning Mum of the Year.

Aspinall, who lost her 18-year-old son James when 96 football fans were killed, fought tirelessly for the truth of what happened.

In September, the Hillsborough Independent Panel laid bare a shocking cover-up which attempted to shift the blame for the tragedy on to its victims.

After receiving her award, Aspinall said: "We can't get our loved ones back, but we can get what we achieved - which is the truth.

"I think it's a good legacy to leave behind because this can never be allowed to happen again to anyone."

X Factor finalist Rylan Clark was among the celebrities who attended the event at London's Savoy Hotel.

"I'm definitely one million per cent a mummy's boy," he said. "I love my mum to bits."

When asked what was the best thing his mother had done for him, the camp singer - who recently won Celebrity Big Brother - replied: "Just raising me in general. Trust me, I'm hard work! She put up with me."

The ceremony will be shown on Channel 5 on Mother's Day, next Sunday.