04/03/2013 06:22 GMT | Updated 04/05/2013 06:12 BST

'DRM Chair' Self-Destructs After Eight Uses (VIDEO)

A chair which self-destructs after being sat on eight times has been unveiled by a team of designers.

The idea of the satirical seat is to illustrate the restrictions - and arguable contradictions - of digital rights management.

The chair has a counter which goes up by one every time it is sat on. After eight sits, it collapses.

It took The Deconstruction designers Gianfranco Baechtold, Laurent Beirnaert, Pierre Bouvier, Thibault Brevet, Raphaël Constantin, Lionel Dalmazzini, Edina Desboeufs, Arthur Desmet and Thomas Grogan about 48 hours to build.

(Hat-tip Wired)