04/03/2013 11:37 GMT | Updated 04/03/2013 11:47 GMT

Harlem Shake Curse: 15 Australian Miners Sacked After Performing Dance Underground (VIDEO)

Fifteen miners have been sacked for performing the Harlem Shake while working underground.

The workers were told they had breached safety regulations at the Agnew gold mine and had undermined mining company Barminco’s reputation, Australian Mining magazine reported.

A YouTube video of eight workers performing the dance went viral, with seven others standing by.

The miners perform the Harlem Shake at Australia's Agnew gold mine

According to The Herald Sun, one of the sacked miners claims no safety regulations were breached and that all those who participated wore helmets, lamps and glasses and had oxygen on hand.

It added the workers believed their only breach of the rules was removing their long sleeved shirts.

Another dismissed worker told the West Australian no one had been injured and the men had only been “having a bit of fun”.

A dismissal letter from Barminco said the workers were banned for life from working for the company and that it considered the stunt a breach of its “core values of safety, integrity and excellence.”

It’s the second time the viral dance craze has landed participants in hot water.

A video of a group of students doing the Harlem Shake on board a flight headed for San Diego has triggered an investigation by America’s Federal Aviation Administration.

A Frontier Airlines spokesman insisted all safety measures were followed and the seatbelt sign was off when the video was filmed.