Husband Asks His Wife To Wake Him Each Morning With A Slap (VIDEO)

Forget about breakfast in bed or wanting to be woken up with a gentle kiss on the lips by your partner, this man asked his wife to wake him each morning with a big ol' slap in the face.

According to DailyDot, which describes itself as the internet's community newspaper, Michigan-based musician Zach Curd asked his wife Erin to slap him every morning for 15 days to help him get out of bed.

"I told my wife to wake me up every morning with a sharp slap about the face. These are the results," reads the description under the YouTube video, which has been viewed over 683,000 times so far.

Despite being uploaded to YouTube in September 2011, the video only went viral after being posted on social news site Reddit last Friday.

Despite being the one to suggest the slap wake-up calls, Zach doesn't look happy

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