Menswear Dog Bodhi: Shiba Inu Wants You To Look As Stylish As He Does (PICTURES)

Dapper Dog Wants To Share His Fashion Advice

This stylist hound can carry off a chunky shawl cardigan with aplomb. And he wants to show you how to do the same.

The dapper dog – Bodhi – is on a mission to impart his insightful fashion advice.

For instance, he can show you how to work those difficult looks like denim cuffs and skinny ties.

Shiba Inu Bodhi rocks a flat cap, tie and jacket

Bodhi’s ascent to fame began after his owner Dave Fung dressed him up and posted the results on Facebook.

So taken was the world of social media by the canine’s apparently effortless style, the Menswear Dog Tumblr was born.

With frequent updates by Fung and fashion designer Yena Kim, the blog has taken off and turned Bodhi into something of a celebrity.

“There’s a difference between well-dressed and dandy. One’s sexy and the other screams try-hard. Let’s not forget why you’re trying to look good: To be the most bangable dude in the room; not the most knowledgeable about corn-cob pipes and artisanal breads.”

Sadly it does look like the fame may be going to his head somewhat, as Bodhi modestly signs off with:

“At the end of the day, all points are moot if you’re a fucking Shiba Inu”


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