Edible Spray Paint Gives Food A Futuristic Feel (PICTURES)

LOOK: Edible Spray Paint Turns Food Into A Futuristic Feast

Blue strawberries. Silver carrots. Golden apples. We’ve seen the future of food and it’s, er, sparkly.

The world’s first edible spray paint has hit the shelves, meaning you can jazz up those boring mealtimes by with a layer of metallic colour.

The paint, called Food Finish, comes in gold, silver, red and blue and can be bought online for £21.47.

I see a red strawberry and I want to paint it blue...

Created by German food company The Deli Garage, the paint has no taste itself and can be applied to all foods.

Project manager Kaya-Line Knust, 29, said: "I love it when it's not only our cars which have a metallic finish but also our tomatoes.

"It's great when you see not only a steak on a plate, but a gold-plated one!”

Edible spray paint

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