Worst. Mother's Day Gift Idea. Ever. (PICTURES)

PICS: No, Boots, This Is NOT What Our Mum Wants For Mother's Day

We're sorry, Boots, but this is NOT what our mums want for Mother's Day:

Also: we realise you might think that nothing says 'I love you, mum!' like condoms and Canesten, but we beg to differ:

Although presumably that sign was just there to remind you that it's Mother's Day. In an "Ooh, I really need to get some condoms... I don't want a baby... Unlike my mum, who had me... Which reminds me: it's Mother's Day this Sunday!" sort of way.

Of course, condoms are one thing - but if your mum really loves sex, then Boots have got another lovely suggestion:

Happy Mother's Day, (overweight, horny) ladies of Britain!


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