06/03/2013 11:38 GMT | Updated 06/03/2013 16:14 GMT

Russell Crowe UFO Alien Footage Is Not As Spooky As It Seems

Les Miserables actor and perennial angry man, Russell Crowe, may have accidentally found evidence of UFOs.

On Tuesday morning, Crowe posted a video on YouTube with an accompanying Tweet:

The spooky footage is made even eerier by a haunting soundtrack as a spy-movie style typewriter fills the viewer in with the circumstances.

Filmed outside Crowe's offices in the impossibly named area of Woolloomooloo, the film shows a bright rectangular object floating across the screen.

The actor and a friend had set up the camera to capture fruit bats emerging from the gardens but caught the mystery object instead.

Is it aliens?

Phil Poling of the YouTube channel, ParaBreakdown, has a rather more sensible explanation.

Watch his video explanation below...