The singer reportedly experienced an E.T. encounter that was "warm and loving and accepting."
The Pentagon was given six months to present its findings on UFOs, also known as “unidentified aerial phenomena," after establishing a UAP Task Force.
The former president teased that there are "some things I just can't tell you on air."
"There's more than one up there," the former Senate majority leader says in the new UFO documentary "The Phenomenon."
The military reportedly admits to having more info on a famous 2004 sighting, but will not release it due to national security fears.
Visitors are arriving in rural Nevada in response to the Storm Area 51 event that went viral on Facebook earlier this year. Some residents of the small town of Rachel are worried crowds might overwhelm the community.
Max Spiers allegedly vomited two litres of black liquid before he died.
Twitterverse explodes as SpaceX Falcon 9 puts on a gobsmacking light show.