07/03/2013 13:15 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

New Mum Drinks Placenta Smoothies To Boost Energy. Would You?

New mum drinks placenta smoothies to boost energy. Would you?
Irish Sun

It won't be to everyone's taste, but then it's not meant for everyone.

But if you're a new mum, you might just want to try a new drink that is being hailed as the secret to a healthy recovery from the trauma of pregnancy.

It's a smoothie. Made from placenta.

As I said: not to everyone's taste. But apparently, it tastes rather good, though a little metallic, and slightly smelly. As you'd expect, really.

The placenta smoothie is being hailed by new mothers as an energy boosting aid to post-birth recovery which also helps with breastfeeding.

It has recently been reported that celebrities including Mad Men's January Jones and US reality star Holly Madison are fans.

And one ordinary mum, Emma Jean Nolan, 30, from Dublin, swears by the unusual smoothies, too.

She and partner Darragh Finn, 29, welcomed baby Matilda in December, got in touch with placenta encapsulation specialist Lorraine Duffy.

She used Emma's placenta to make a smoothie - with added fruit and energy-boosting pills.

Emma, who also has a toddler named Arthur, said: "I didn't get a slump. Your adrenalin is supposed to pump for a few days after the birth and then you get a bit tired and down but I didn't get any of that."

The placenta, an organ attached to the lining of the womb during pregnancy, is known to contain high levels of vitamins, particularly B6 - which is believed to help curb postnatal depression.

Darragh also tested a small sample of the smoothie, admitting: "I just tasted it and it wasn't until after that I thought about it. I'm not going to hand it over to my girlfriend to drink if I won't try it myself."

Emma told the Morning Show on TV3: "It tastes like a smoothie. You taste the metal at the end. There s a slight smell. I think everyone should do it. I don t think enough people know about it."

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