Goldsmiths College Student Awarded Distinction In 'Jurnalism' From Framing Company

A student who had spent a year writing, editing and proofreading as part of a masters degree in journalism was shocked when a plaque of her degree certificate arrived with 'journalism' misspelt.

Tabby Kinder tweeted a picture of her certificate from a framing company, writing "Bit concerning when you receive your Masters degree certificate from @myGoldsmiths and they've spelt JOURNALISM wrong".

The award

Goldsmiths told the Huffington Post UK the university wasn't at fault and tweeted a message to Miss Kinder saying they will issue another one if the original is returned.

Miss Kinder holds no grudge, saying her original certificate was error-free so the framing company was probably to blame. She then tweeted the name of the company responsible.

After her tweet went viral, she added:

"As long as everyone knows I have a solid gold Masters distinction and bloody loved Goldsmiths, then I'm fine!"