Homemade Glider Captures Trip To Space And Back In HD (VIDEO)

Nasa often releases some pretty amazing photographs of Earth - but it pays millions of dollars for each of them.

Now one home hobbyist has come up with something almost as good - for about a thousand times less money.

David Windestal at RCExplorer recently released footage of a remote controlled glider reaching the edge of space, 100,000 feet above Earth, and then slowly descending back down.

And by attached an extreme sports camera to the plane, he ended up with some truly amazing HD footage of the entire trip.

"I first got struck by this idea back in 2010. The idea of sending a RC plane that I could control via FPV into the stratosphere really gripped me," he writes at his website.

Sadly while the footage was beautiful, David still believes he "failed" - as he didn't get the plane to land back down at his feet.

Still, we think this is a pretty good first attempt.

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