SimCity: Maxis Says 'Core Problems' Are Solved After Bungled Launch

The developers of the new SimCity say the worst is "behind" them, after a bungled launch marked by server failures that have have enraged gamers.

The reboot of the urban planning simulation is a dramatically enhanced version of the classic game, with 3D visuals, a new focus on online multiplayer and deeper strategy options.

But the game also requires an internet connection to play - even in single player - which has led to huge problems in the title's opening week.

The number of players completely overwhelmed developer Maxis and publisher EA, with many gamers unable to log on for hours at a time - or even download the game in the first place.


SimCity Screenshots

The problem was compounded when gamers realised their saved gamers were sever specific - meaning if a certain server was down or busy, they lost their progress in the game.

Amazon briefly stopped selling the title because it could not guarantee gamers would be able to play it.

EA apologised and said it was working ceaselessly to being new servers online and make the game playable.

Now the head of Maxis, Lucy Bradshaw, said the "core problem" is "behind us", with a 92% improvement over the game's launch day.

"Our players have been able to connect to their cities in the game for nearly 8 million hours of gameplay time and we've reduced game crashes by 92% from day one," she said.

"We'll be monitoring each server and gameplay metrics to ensure that the service remains strong and game is playing great. We need a few more days of data before we can assure you that the problem is completely solved and the game is running at 100 percent."

In HuffPost's experience this largely holds true - after a weekend of (depressingly extensive...) SimCity play we experienced few problems other than slight connection delays.

EA said earlier that it would attempt to make peace with gamers by sending them a free game from their back catalogue.

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