Pope News: Black Smoke From Vatican Chimney Means No Pope Elected

Black smoke has belched from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel, signifying no new pope has been chosen on the first day of pontifications.

Pope Benedict XVI shocked the world by becoming the first pontiff for 600 years to quit and it's clear that 115 cardinals choosing the new pope are making sure Joseph Ratzinger's replacement is the right man for the job.

They will vote four times each day until two-thirds agree on one candidate.

The Catholic world is waiting with baited breath for white smoke to emerge from the ancient chimney, which would mean a decision has been reached.

Sky News reports that as the black smoke steamed out, pilgrims in St Peter's Square booed in mock disappointment.

The cardinals will return for the next round of voting on Wednesday, which will begin after Apostolic mass.

There is no time limit to reach a decision, the last conclave in 2005 lasted two days but in 1268, it took 33 months to elect Pope Gregory X.

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