Boy Magician Makes Homeless Man's Day With Coffee Cup Into Coins Magic Trick (VIDEO)

WATCH: Money Doesn't Grow On Trees... But It Does Come Out Of Coffee Cups

A video of a teenager surprising a homeless man with a cup of coffee - and then magicking a stack of coins out of the caffeine is melting hearts online.

The clip, posted to YouTube by Magia Uliczna, sees the 15-year-old approach the man on a pavement in Warsaw.

"This is for you," he says, presenting the man with what looks like a steaming cup of coffee. Urging him to concentrate, the man looks on agog as the cup nearly overflows with coins.

"I have never...How the fuck did you do this?" the man cries. "Oh my... Oh fuck... I'm 55 and I have never seen a miracle like this. Thank you! Mother of God bless you."

In an email to Deseret News, Magia explains that although he has had no training he's been learning the tricks of the trade since he was seven, and is inspired by professionals David Blaine and Dynamo.

He said: "I got for Christmas [a] 'set of little magician', this is the reason why I started doing magic tricks."

Responses to his work left in the comments of his YouTube channel include likening him to Robin Hood and praising him not for his magic, but just being "a lovely person".


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