The 81 Errors In 'Battleship' (VIDEO)

If you avoided the film 'Battleship' when it was in cinemas, then well done you. After all, how good was a movie based on a board game ever going to be? Especially if it wasn't set in a living room and starred two kids, one of whom would utter the immortal line "You sunk my battleship!"? Exactly.

And if you want to feel even more smug about your decision to avoid 'Battleship', just watch the six-minute video above - because it lists everything wrong with the movie from start to finish. (And yes, it's by the guys who brought us Everything Wrong With 'Skyfall' and Everything Wrong With 'Twilight'.)

From laughable dialogue to plot holes big enough to sink - yes - a battleship, click play to enjoy. We think we can promise that it's probably more fun than watching 'Battleship' itself.

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