'Angel' Cloud Over Florida Heralds New Pope Francis I (PICTURES)

A rose-pink angel-shaped cloud has appeared above the skies of Florida, hours after the new Pope made his first appearance at the Vatican.

News channel WPTV posted the image to its Facebook account and it quickly went viral.

While many took it as a sure sign from above expressing pleasure at the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, others were sceptical.

The angel-shaped cloud materialised in the skies above Florida's Royal Palm

Monica Folmer was moved to exclaim: "Simply amazing! God bless our new Pope! May the Holy Spirit and all the angels and saints be with us all through this time of transition within the Holy Church."

Meanwhile Adam Tanner asked: "Why do people always have to look for religion in everything?"

The cloud materialised in the skies above Florida's Royal Beach, hours after Pope Benedict XVI's successor greeted the crowds for the first time.

Francis I was elected on the second day of a gathering of the cardinals of Rome.

Angel Cloud By Jodie Guthrie

Angel Cloud Appears Over Florida Sky

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