In Pictures: Samsung Galaxy S4

In Pictures: Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung has unveiled its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S4.

The S4 is lighter, thinner and stronger than the previous generation, features a faster processor, a slightly larger and super high-resolution screen, and an enhanced version of Google's Android OS with eye-tracking technology built into the handset.

The device was launched at a lavish, unusual and occasionally bizarre 'Broadway'-style press event at Radio City Music Hall in New York, where the South Korean tech giant hailed their new gadget as a breakthrough smartphone.

We've got all the details elsewhere, but if you just want to see pictures of the new device here they are:

The Galaxy S4 Lockscreen

The Samsung Galaxy S4

GALAXY S 4 Product Image (5)

Samsung S4: Official Product Shots

Globally the S3 sold more than 40 million units in the first year of its release, and has positioned Samsung as Apple's biggest rival in the smartphone space.

Analysts said that Samsung needed to differentiate its devices more from the wider Android marketplace, and start to drive up profitability by integrating its own services more closely with the phone.


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