As HMS Belfast Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary, Try Our Quiz About The London Landmark

(QUIZ) Birthday Salute For HMS Belfast

London is full of attractions that draw in visitors from all over the world but unsurprisingly most of these are on dry land.

However, one landmark is clearly visible to anyone that may take a boat trip along the Thames or strolls across London and Tower Bridges - HMS Belfast - a constant reminder of the importance of the sea in Britain's history over many centuries but also a symbol of the role of the Royal Navy in more recent conflicts.

And this weekend - St Patrick's, to be exact - she celebrates her 75th anniversary with a weekend of family activities and events over 16 and 17 March. Visitors can explore all nine decks of the ship and see how life would have been for the 950 crew aboard HMS Belfast as they saw action in different conditions, ranging from the Arctic to the Far East.

HMS Belfast celebrates 75 years this month

HMS Belfast has been moored on the Thames and open to the public since 1971. Easily recognisable, Londoners may hold dear the ageing grey light cruiser as part of the capital landscape but how much do you really know about her?

Here are 10 questions about HMS Belfast to test your nautical nous.

And see images of HMS Belfast over the years in our gallery below


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