Broadchurch Review Episode 3 - So Who Did Kill Danny Latimer? And What's Wrong With DI Hardy (David Tennant)?

Okay, so we've established that 'Broadchurch' is one of the most satisfying (home-grown) TV crime dramas we've seen in an eon, so... to business. Who did kill little Danny Latimer?

Danny's father Mark was central to police enquiries this week, and dancing a smart gavotte in smug confusion much to the rattling displeasure of Detectives Hardy and Miller (David Tennant, Olivia Colman).

Three episodes in, and Detectives Miller and Hardy are no closer to identifying their culprit

"Do you know what would happen to this town if it turned out to be Mark?" asked an angst-ridden Miller. Seems they won't have to. I don't know - blood stains in the boat, fingerprints everywhere, rubbish alibi. It all seemed a bit obvious, especially with five episodes to go. Sure enough, it was another big secret instead. As ever, if in doubt, cherchez la femme.

So who else? Jack in the paper shop where Danny had a round, AND head of the sea brigade of which Danny was a member? It seems more likely that he KNOWS something, which means he'd better watch himself, or fish that annoying journalist's card back out of the bin.

But... as for that butter-wouldn't melt, earnest vicar... VERY interested in Beth Latimer's pregnancy and holding a memorial for Danny. Plus it's Arthur Darvill! Nobody could ever accuse Doctor Who's Rory of ill-doing. My money's on him in the white collar.

Who do YOU think killed Danny Latimer?

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