Derby House Fire Accused Mairead Philpott 'Paid All Her Wages And Benefits To Mick Philpott'

A woman accused of killing her six children in a house fire paid all of her wages and benefits to her husband, a court has heard.

Mairead Philpott said she had to ask Michael Philpott for money and if she didn't "there would be trouble".

The 31-year-old is on trial for the manslaughter of her six children along with her 56-year-old husband and a third defendant, Paul Mosley.

She also told the court the couple went dogging three or four times and that her husband would encourage it and get involved.

Jurors have heard that after one dogging session she became pregnant after having sex with another man in front of her husband. She then had an abortion.

On Monday she also told the court she and her husband had threesomes with co-accused Mosley on a number of occasions.

"Whose idea was that?" Mr Smith asked.

"It was Mick's," Mrs Philpott replied.

She told the court she had sex with Mosley on the snooker table on the night of the fire, encouraged by her husband, who joined in.

Mrs Philpott told the court she felt "disgusted" after each time.

Mr Smith asked her why she did it.

"To please Mick, to make him happy", Mrs Philpott replied.

Asked how she felt about the events following the fire, Mrs Philpott said: "I was ashamed. I felt disgusted".

Mrs Philpott told the court she felt "hurt" when Philpott told her about kissing Lisa Willis, his former mistress.

She said she agreed to the relationship because she was "scared" of losing what she had.

"I was scared of losing what I had, my family, my home," Mrs Philpott told the court.

The court has heard how, after Miss Willis moved into Victory Road, the family got on well together and that the pair were like sisters.

Mr Smith asked her what she thought of the unconventional lifestyle.

"Maybe to others it was (unconventional) but to us it was a happy family," Mrs Philpott told the jury.

He asked her whether the family grew because they wanted more benefits.

Mrs Philpott replied: "It got bigger for the love of children."