Norman Baker MP, Transport Minister, Releases His First Single With Band The Reform Club (VIDEO)

WATCH: Transport Minister Releases A Pop Single

At first glance, Norman Baker MP isn't your typical rock star.

The Junior Transport Minister's usual forays into the limelight come courtesy of funding for new cycle lanes and upgrades to railway stations.

Norman Baker is the lead singer of The Reform Club

But that could all change as the 55-year-old Liberal Democrat prepares to release his first album.

Baker, the MP for Lewes, is the lead singer with The Reform Club, a band he started in the 1990s.

He told the Sunday Times: "I've done it now because I thought I should get round to it before I'm too clapped out. That'll be about 10 years hence."

A single from the album has been released, called Piccadilly Circus, showing Baker, who co-wrote the song, strolling around wearing a black trilby.

It remains to be seen whether he can match the feat of party leader Nick Clegg, whose remixed tuition fees apology reached the Top 40 in September.

The Daily Telegraph's chief pop critic was not impressed by the "cheerful ditty with busy lyrics", which borrows more than a little from The Kinks.

"Norman Baker’s song exposes him as a bit of a naive dreamer, with the pop instincts of a civil servant. We all just have to hope his political skills are better than his musicianship," Neil McCormick wrote.

The release has also sparked talk of a Parliamentary rivalry with MP4, Westminster's cross-party rock band.

MP4 member Pete Wishart, of the SNP, challenged the Lib Dem to a "Parliamentary rock-off".

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