High-Tech Casino Scammers Net £22 Million Haul

A casino's high-tech security cameras were accessed by a team of scammers who carried out a heist worth £22 million.

The opulent Crown Casino in Melbourne has extensive system of HD security cameras, which are used to monitor guests in minute detail while they gamble.

But according to the Herald Sun, those camera feeds were used against them in the recent attack.

Access to the security system "was given to an unauthorised person".

That person was then able to watch a high-rolling gambler in the casino's high stakes room, and give signals about when to bet.

The trick gave the "whale" - a gambler who bets, wins and loses large amounts - a huge advantage. The cheating was exposed over just eight hands of cards, according to the Herald Sun's sources.

After the scam was discovered the man was reportedly kicked out of the luxurious VIP suite he was staying in - free of charge - along with his family.

The staffer in charge of looking after the man has since been fired.

A Crown casino spokesman said in a statement: "Crown's surveillance department recently reported concerns over a sophisticated betting scam. A Crown investigation is under way and is ongoing."

The casino said it expected to recover a "significant portion" of the lost money, though the man responsible has since left Australia.

Watch out, Vegas.