Minuum Keyboard: Has This Just Solved Touchscreen Typing Forever? (VIDEO)

Typing on touchscreens is terrible - mainly because it takes up so much of the screen.

No wonder people want five-inch screens on their phones - or up to eight inches if you're Samsung.

But now a new concept by Minuum may have solved all of that.

It looks confusing at first, but it's easy - the keyboard is squished into a single line of buttons which suggest relevant letters based on the word.

It will be released on the Android app stores - Google Play and others - soon.

Its makers say:

"Type anywhere with Minuum, the little keyboard for big fingers. Minuum is a touchscreen keyboard app, soon to be available for Android, that saves you screen space while maintaining speed and accuracy. The simplicity of the Minuum keyboard also enables an unlimited number of new ways that you can type on wearable devices, game controllers, and more."

So what do you think? Has this solved mobile typing?