20/03/2013 10:02 GMT | Updated 20/05/2013 06:12 BST

[Update: Fake!] Reddit User Finds Priceless Magic: The Gathering Card Collection In Mysterious Safe, Posts Video Of Baby Ruining It

Update: G'ah! Turns out this was a fake - as many suspected. The original poster has now admitted faking the find. "Long live the lulz! Hope most people at least enjoyed the ride," he said.

'What's In This Thing?', a forum where users go to post pictures of unopened boxes and then... open them, is one of the most intriguing subReddits on everyone's favourite occasionally disturbing discussion site.

One of the forum's users who opened up a mysterious safe that had lain untouched in his house for more than three years was hoping for cash, or maybe just some interesting heirlooms.

So you might think he was a little disappointed when it turned out just to be a few binders of Magic: The Gathering trading cards.

But having posted the original image of the safe on Reddit, he decided to upload a video of his baby flipping through the cards anyway. The video shows the child bending the cards, creasing images and kneeling on the binders...

At which point the Reddit community pointed out something surprising:

"Uh.. Dude. That binder is probably with tens of thousands of dollars."

The reaction from Reddit was immediate. And terrified. For as much as the collection is worth in money, it is clearly worth more in terms of its historical and cultural value to Magic fans.

"For the love of god get that kid away from that binder, that's his college education right there." said one user.

"Jesus. I've never been so angry with a baby," said another.

Magic: The Gathering is a highly popular series of card games which has a rabid fanbase. Some of the older or more rare cards can trade for thousands of dollars for a single card, while original artwork or prototypes can go for even more.

And according to Reddit, the man's collection - if the story turns out to be true, that is - appears to be one of the most valuable ever assembled.

According to one estimate, the cards could be worth more than $32,000 on the open market, possibly even higher. It includes several prized 'Black Lotus' cards, which in mint condition can fetch $2,000. It also includes several packs of unopened 'Legends' cards, which are extremely valuable - as long as they remain unopened.

One user even made a spreadsheet listing the value of the cards he could make out in the video.

"You found history. A very meaningful binder of treasures," said one poster.