20/03/2013 08:23 GMT

Tesco Conveyor Belt Cleaning Photos Show Muck And Grime (PICTURES)

A shopper has taken a photo of what appears to be muck, grime and dust under the conveyor belt of a Tesco store till.

Catrin Manel was shopping in Tesco extra in Osterley, West London when she noticed the till next to the one she was at was being repaired.

She said: "I was just shopping, and at the till next door noticed they were doing something to the conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt tray in question

"Then I noticed the dirt - it looked foul, and I was shocked. So I took a photo from the queue in the checkout next to it.

"Because that photo didn't do it justice I decided to leave my shopping where it was, and take a better photo, or two... so I moved round to do that. I didn't get too close, because I didn't want to breathe in that horrible dust!"

Tesco were quick to point out this was an isolated case.

A closer look at the collected grime

A spokesperson told the Huffington Post UK: “All our checkouts have trays underneath the till belts to ensure that any loose food is collected. These trays are cleaned regularly.

"On this occasion, the checkout was not working properly, leading to loose food building up, so we closed the checkout, repaired and cleaned it.”