Train Singer 'Entertains' Passengers From Liverpool To London (VIDEO)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the internet's latest star: a passenger on a Liverpool Lime Street to London train one Sunday in March.

Captured by fellow train travellers Andy and Rob, we think this video proves why it's always far more boring to sit in the Quiet Carriage.

Yes, just sit back (in second class) and enjoy the man's dulcet tones - and admirably eclectic taste in music. Because not only does he give us fine renditions of 'Nobody Does It Better' and 'Waterloo Sunset', but he also includes The Shamen's 'Ebeneezer Goode'...which we feel perhaps explains a lot.

Mr Train Singer, we salute you. And Andy and Rob for recording this for all our amusement.

(Hat-tip: Flutes)