Rage Of Pro Video Gamers Revealed At Call Of Duty European Championships (VIDEO)


A shocking video from the Call of Duty European Championships has caught the 'rage' of some pro-video gamers on camera.

Eurogamer published the clip, which shows some of the game's top European competitors exploding with anger - even after winning a match.

The players are clearly very into their game, and frequently erupt with tremendous fury, loud shouting and seemingly aggressive behaviour. Needless to say, the language is not safe for work.

Of course, pro video gaming is a spectrum, and out of context the video can seem worse than it might be in person. As becomes clear later in the clip, some of the 'rage' is meant in good humour. The event's organisers insist that the clip is really just evidence of the passion and intensity of its participants.

But as the clip also makes clear, it's not all fun and (video) games...

Take a look, above.

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