1,000 Dead Ducks Found In China's Nanhe River As Toll Of Dead Pigs Hits 16,000

1,000 Dead Ducks Found In Chinese River As Toll Of Dead Pigs Hits 16,000

Around 1,000 dead ducks have been found in China's Nanhe river in Pengshan count, Sichuan Province.

The news comes as the toll of unexplained dead pigs pulled from Shanghai waters hits 16,000, the BBC reports.

Liang Weidong, a director in the region’s publicity department, said the dead birds had been handled safely and posed no threat to residents and livestock, Xinua News writes.

Local authorities say the Nanhe river is not a source of drinking water.

Shanghai’s Huangpu River, which is where the dead pigs were fished from, is however.

The carcasses of 16,000 pigs have been fished from Shanghai's Huangpu River

According to a statement posted on Shanghai's Agriculture Committee's website there is no evidence the pigs were dumped in the river, nor of any animal epidemics.

An investigation into where the carcasses came from continues.

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