David Cameron And Nick Clegg Cardboard Cutouts Reviewed Hilariously By Amazon Customers

Life size cut outs of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Boris Johnson advertised on Amazon are attracting the ire of voters in the reviews section of the site.

Some of the comments have clearly been made tongue-firmly in cheek, with one customer saying the Nick Clegg statuette is "entirely unreliable" and "unexpectedly came with a David Cameron Lifesize Cardboard Cutout Standee which has wreaked havoc in my home."

The "buyer" added: "Also, I keep getting bills sent to me saying I owe money to cover the costs of Cameron, whom I never ordered. They are threatening to annex my closets as bedrooms and cut my wages if i don't comply."

The David Cameron Lifesize Cardboard Cutout fares even worse on the site, with the cutout associated with the tags bell end, liar, thief, hated, toff, tory.

Another wrote "I did not order this product. A few years ago I, along with thousands of like-minded people, ordered a Nick Clegg thinking it might make a nice change. But despite this, a David Cameron turned up instead. I tried to complain, but was told I must keep the Cameron for five years before I could consider changing it."

Another wrote: "I was very upset as I thought I had ordered a new one but it came with absolutely hundreds of what seemed to be very unnecessary cuts."

There were some reviews where it was difficult to ascertain whether the customer was joking or genuinely reviewing the product.

"This product (once you have worked out how to set it up with exceedingly complicated instructions) is hilarious.

The photograph is a bit dark and his skin is a very unhealthy colour and it breaks easily at the sides but it is a great novelty present."

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