BioShock Infinite: 10 Ways To Stay Alive Long Enough To Enjoy The Game Of The Year (TIPS)

BioShock Infinite is by all accounts one of the very best new games of the year - possibly ever.

By taking the same narrative quality of the original BioShock, and placing the action in a stunning floating city environment, Irrational Games has come up with a compelling new story and world to explore.

Unfortunately for those of your with a pacifist's heart, it's also a fairly violent world. As with previous BioShock games you're going to have to do a lot of killing to get to the secrets beneath (or above, or within) Columbia's surface, and learn to use superpower bestowing 'Vigors' to your advantage.

As with any classic game, BioShock is yours to explore on your own terms. But if you want a guide early on - or you're more interested in the story than the shooting - we've got you covered too.

BradyGames, who produced the official Limited Edition and Signature Series strategy guides, have produced a list of 10 tips to get your started with the new game.