Iain Duncan Smith Branded 'Ratbag' By Welfare Protester (VIDEO)

Iain Duncan Smith was given a hostile reception by protesters at a welfare reforms meeting on Wednesday, with one branding the Work and Pensions Secretary a "ratbag".

The minister was defending the coalition's controversial reforms at a conference in Edinburgh when a man stood up and attacked the cuts as "a new poll tax".

"You are creating your new poll tax, that's what you're going to do. We're going to see the end of you, back to England where you belong," he said, before delivering his "ratbag" rebuke.

After the man left, two further protesters, one carrying a white stick, the other with a guide dog, continued the demonstration, demanding "social justice". This time, IDS stood his ground, shouting down the pair.

"If you listen to what I am saying, you will understand the reality is that this country is not cutting welfare, it is managing the growth at a lower level," said IDS.

The protesters were quickly escorted out of the room.