LA Galaxy And LA Kings Visit Barack Obama At White House (PICTURES)

LA Galay were back at the White House to celebrate another championship season with President Barack Obama along with ice hockey outfit LA Kings, making their first visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Galaxy retained their Major League Soccer Cup in 2012 as David Beckham bowed out with silverware while the Kings won their first Stanley Cup.

Obama voiced his appreciation not just of the team's successes last year, but also their community work.

"We found out that both these teams are full of some pretty stand-up players and coaches. They’re out in the community year-round. They’re changing lives, they’re making a difference," Obama beamed.

Obama shows off his heading skills at the White House

"As Coach Arena of the Galaxy says, 'The soccer is very much secondary. If we can have an impact on the lives of young kids, we want to be a part of that.'"

Obama expressed his "hearty congratulations" to both teams and lauded their "pretty good comeback" stories. The Galaxy triumphed despite an injury-plagued season and the Kings became the first hockey side in NHL history to win the Stanley Cup after entering the play-offs as an eighth seed.

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