'Life's Too Short' Special - Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant Reunite 'Willow' Stars Warwick Davis And Val Kilmer

Life's Too Short Special Reunites Willow Stars Warwick And Val

How DID Ricky Gervais persuade Val Kilmer to do this?

That'll be the question left unanswered for viewers of the Easter special of 'Life's Too Short'.

Warwick Davis receives an offer from his 'Willow' co-star Val Kilmer... but there's a catch

In this hour-long special, we catch up with 'Warwick Davis', played, of course, by Warwick Davis, in a far more contented state, personally and professionally than when we last met him, working hard for his Dwarves For Hire agency, living with his sweet girlfriend and intent on being a better person.

This, of course, means he's a sitting duck for the financial opportunity presented to him by his co-star in 'Willow', a Val Kilmer almost unrecognisable from his volleyball-spinning Top Gun days, but seemingly far more able to share a joke than he has for a long time been credited for.

With the need for some instant cash and his familiar money-man proving once again the old adage "with accountants like that, who needs tax men?" Warwick is forced to think on his feet. And what does he come up with? A nostalgia pub tour... cue Gervais' old mockers Messrs Chegwin, Dennis and Williamson, proving they do this kind of black-humoured pathos far more effectively than they ever did family entertainment.

Only one thing to share ahead of broadcast... the look on Warwick's face when he's forced to disappear into a group-hug with these chaps, including a briefs-clad Chegwin, one of the few occasions in Warwick Davis's happy life when he may wish he were, in fact, taller.

As for Kilmer, well... the mind boggles.

'Life's Too Short Special' is on BBC2 at 10pm, Saturday 30 April. See pictures from behind the scenes below...


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