Face Tech Demos: Next Generation Graphics Show Off Unsettlingly Real Faces (VIDEO)

WATCH: 6 Amazingly Real Next-Generation Video Game Faces

The next generation of video games is just around the corner. For those of you with exceptionally high-end graphics cards, it might already be here.

And, as ever, pretty much the only way gaming companies have to show this off is an endless stream of facial tech demos.

Yes, the days of ducks and dodgy dinosaurs are over. Today's tech demos are good enough to render genuinely realistic faces in real time.

Two of those recent demos - those by Activision and Nvidia - used the same source data from the USC Institute for Creative Technologies to separate and dramatic effect. The result is a level of detail we've never seen before in games - this really is Hollywood-level stuff. Quantic Dreams also impressed at the PS4 launch with their 'Old Man' demo, while several other companies have also thrown their hats into the uncanny valley in the hopes of grabbing headlines.

Below we've copied the best six demos released so far. Check them out and let us know - are we really coming close to a realistic video game character? And is that something you even want?


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