Mystery Meat Found In Lamb Curry Takeaway 'Could Be Cat Or Dog'

Mystery Meat Found In Lamb Curry

The good news is it's not human. But the mystery meat found in a London take-away is not beef, chicken, pork, goat or horse or even lamb as advertised.

This leaves the disturbing possibility that it could be dog... or even cat.

The disturbing findings were uncovered during investigations for BBC Three documentary, 'The Horsemeat Banquet' which bought dishes at random from establishments in the capital.


A spokesman for the show told the Mirror: "Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, the results came in for an Indian lamb curry.

"It did contain meat – but it was not lamb, not pork, nor was it chicken or beef. Not horse, and not goat either.

"At this moment, the lab is unable to identify exactly which animal this meat came from."

The show's nutitionist, Surinder Phull, described the findings as "absolutely terrifying".

She added: "Where’s it come from? Where was it slaughtered? Was it hygienic? Are there any bacteria it was covered with?"

Other dishes were less of a mystery but still did not contain what they were supposed to.

A beef burger contained no beef flesh only blod and heart and a beef in black bean sauce was mostly chicken blood with scraps of meat.

The only meal tested that contained what it was supposed to was a lamb doner kebab.

The effects of the horsemeat scandal, which first came to light in January, continue to reverberate.

Tesco's market share has yet to recover to pre-scandal levels.

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