BEAT THE WEEK News Quiz: Pippa's Tips, Boris Battered And David Departing

BEAT THE WEEK: Pippa's Tips, Boris Battered And David Departing

This week has seen the grilling of politicians, a belligerent North Korea, and Theresa May's attempts to deport Abu Qatada being thwarted.

Sunday saw the rather enjoyable filleting of Boris Johnson by interviewer Eddie Mair, while the heat in the kitchen was all too much for David Miliband, who quit politics to take up a job in New York on Tuesday evening.

Pippa Middleton published her first Waitrose column teaching commoners how to cook, while the cold weather continued to turn us all into human fridges.

It may have been the run up to the Easter bank holiday, but that doesn't mean it wasn't an explosive week for news, so see if you were paying attention and try your hand at Huff Post UK's News Quiz. Can you BEAT THE WEEK?


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