DFS Bristol Receives 1,200 Job Applications After Advertising Nine Jobs

A new sofa shop which advertised just nine jobs was inundated with more than 1,200 applicants.

The new branch of furniture superstore DFS is due to open in Bristol on April 14 and had a handful of positions still available.

But when it advertised the nine jobs 1,200 people applied - including 610 for one position as a warehouse assistant.

610 people applied for one job as a warehouse assistant

In total 79 people applied to be a salesman, 137 as a sales office administrator, 62 as a weekend sales office administrator, three as an upholsterer and 88 as a cleaner.

Another 42 people applied to be a warehouse manager, 610 as a warehouse assistant, 131 as a van driver and 70 as a co-driver.

The figures show the number of people competing to find work - even as official statistics say unemployment in the area is falling.

DFS regional controller Adam Hankinson said: "We were surprised at first but this is a trend we have been witnessing around the country as new stores open.

"We understand this is a difficult time for people looking for jobs with the economy as it is."

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