30/03/2013 07:58 GMT | Updated 10/04/2013 07:20 BST

Russell Brand Accuses Two British Stars Of Being Paedophiles During Filming For US Chat Show

In his typically fearless, outspoken style, Russell Brand has allegedly accused two British celebrities of being paedophiles during filming for his American TV chat show, 'Brand X'.

Brand reportedly named two men, neither of whom has ever charged with a criminal offence, to the 200-strong audience at Covent Garden's Duchess Theatre during a break in filming.

According to the Sun, Brand, 37, was talking to the audience about the criminal investigation surrounding allegations against Jimmy Savile, the disgraced TV host.

The Daily Star have reported that guests were "visibly shocked" when Brand named the two, with one audience member saying: “No-one had heard these stars being linked to the Savile case. They didn’t have a clue until then.”

The comedian then joked that the Savile scandal put his BBC-related scandal, where he called veteran actor Andrew Sachs and left a voicemail joking about how he slept with his granddaughter Georgina Baillie, into perspective.

Brand said that: “It puts the whole Sachsgate thing into perspective doesn’t it?

“‘I f***ed your adult granddaughter!’ Not quite the same, is it?”

'Brand X' is shown by the American channel FX, and is currently on its second series.