30/03/2013 21:09 GMT | Updated 30/05/2013 06:12 BST

'The Voice' Episode 1 - Visually Impaired Andrea Begley Wows The Judges With 'Angel'

'The Voice' started this weekend, and it's already had its first truly heartwarming moment.

Visually impaired contestant Andrea Begley couldn't see the judges any more than they could see her, when she sang a version of 'Angel' by Sarah McLachlan - which meant she couldn't see whether they turned their chairs round for her or not.

WATCH Andrea's moving rendition above

When she mentioned this, Script frontman Danny O'Donoghue jumped on stage to let the Northern Irish contestant know she was in the running for both him and Tom Jones. She eventually plumped for Danny, while her family cheered her on. It was a great moment for everyone.

The other highlight of the night was pub landlady Leanne Jarvis, performing 'Stay With Me Baby'...

Jessie was the first to spin round for her, followed by Will, then Danny and finally Tom, too. Leanne, much in demand, opted to join Will's team.

And - guess what - the judges are already picking on each other, with Jessie J accusing Will of dissuading contestants from choosing to go with her, once the judges have to pitch for their contestants. "He never wants people to pick me," she moaned - her hair in its trademark dark bob, instead of the blonde crop she's been sporting since shaving it all off for Comic Relief a fortnight ago.

So, squabbles and sentiment - it's back to business on The Voice. Producers have promised some tweaks to this year's series to keep the tension up, the chairs spinning and viewers happier.

Who do you think showed start quality in the first show of the series?