01/04/2013 06:21 BST | Updated 01/06/2013 06:12 BST

Ant And Dec Takeaway 'The Voice' Ratings In Saturday TV Battle, Simon Cowell Adds To Rally Cry

Not only are they at number one in the hit parade with their old 'Rhumbling' tune, but Ant and Dec have trounced 'The Voice' in the ratings battle for the love of Saturday night viewers.

Their 'Takeaway' programme - complete with guest stars Lewis Hamilton, Michael Buble, Simon Cowell and Ashley Roberts - drew in 7.2 million viewers this week, while the launch night of the second series of 'The Voice' had a million less pairs of eyeballs.

Simon Cowell was a guest of Ant and Dec's on Saturday night

The BBC have responded positively, concentrating on a surge in viewers once Ant and Dec's credits had rolled over on the other side, which meant they ended up with the biggest share of the night.

But they will no doubt be concerned about the future of their big reality TV investment, which got 2 million fewer viewers than when it launched to great fanfare last year - particularly as this is meant to be the popular part of the series, when the chairs still spin round. Producers have promised to keep it interesting for longer this year.

They could probably do without the hectoring of Mr Simon Cowell in their ears, with the music mogul anticipating with undisguised glee the return of 'Britain's Got Talent', which also beat 'The Voice' last year.

Following his guest spot on Ant and Dec's show this weekend, the Sun quotes him happily... "Ant and Dec beat them on Saturday and we'll do everything we can to keep in pole position. We did it last year and we are keen to win again this year.

"May the best show win -- as long as it's ours!

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