Slovakian Easter Tradition Sees Women Covered In Cold Water And Whacked With Sticks (PICTURES)

Underwhelmed by the chilly Easter holiday? Be grateful you're not a woman in Slovakia.

While many of us were hunting for chocolate eggs, they were having cold water thrown over them before being whacked with a stick.

The ritual is said to bring about youth, strength and beauty

It's all part of an annual tradition in parts of the Eastern European country.

The men often wear traditional costumes

These pictures show the custom in the village of Trencianska Tepla, 145 km north of Bratislava.

Slovakia's men splash women with water and hit them with a willow to evoke youth, strength and beauty for the upcoming spring season.

The men are rewarded afterwards for their efforts

In some regions, the buckets have been replaced by perfume - or water pistols.

Afterwards, the women reward the men with Easter eggs, fruit and money.