01/04/2013 12:12 BST

UK Weather: Freezing Temperatures To Continue After Coldest Easter Ever (PICTURES)

There is no immediate respite from the freezing weather after the UK experienced its coldest Easter on record.

Braemar, a village in the Scottish Highlands, measured -12.5C in the early hours of Sunday morning, well below the previous record of -9.8C set in 1960.

Spring is even set to be chillier than winter, the first time this has happened in 38 years.

Farming has been hit hard by the weather

The warmest weather on Monday was seen in Ayr in Scotland where temperatures reached a heady 8C.

But further north in Aviemore it was a decidedly frosty -9C.

Temperatures are set to remain low until around mid-April although no significant snowfall is forecast.

The unseasonal weather has been having dire effects on farming. New-born lambs have struggled to find food in the frozen conditions and many have died.

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